Isaiah 58 Verse 7 | True Fasting That God Wants From Us

Isaiah 58 Verse 7

“Share your food with the hungry, and give shelter to the homeless.
Give clothes to those who need them, and do not hide from relatives who need your help”

Isaiah 58 Verse 7 Worship All DaysAccording to Isaiah 58 Verse 7, The Bible says Deal thy bread to the hungry. Literally, divide up thy bread among the hungry. What is the point of keeping bread you are not eating during a fast? Those who have “stuff” by the bounty of God ought to share it with those who have not. we should have the heart of sharing what we have with people who do not have. Pray for others than you pray for yourself, then your prayer will be more powerful.

God’s people were very concerned that their christian life was not working, that their spiritual relationship with God was not producing anything. In-fact they say, why have we fasted and you do not see, why have we humbled ourselves and you do not notice. They wanted to know why heaven was not coming down and intervene their circumstance even though they were fasting.

Their fasting is giving up a craving of the physical to gain assistance from the spiritual and they were doing that they were having this prayer fasting meeting and nothing was changed. If you are going to have a successful sacred time with god whether individually or a gathering you need to learn this truth form this chapter Isaiah 58.

why all of our spiritual efforts including fasting and prayer many times are not working out at all. listen to what god says..he says it is a fast like the fast which i choose i do not want the one you are giving me..i want the one that my heart requires, it must be acceptable to me not just like-able to you.

“vertical experience – from heaven to earth.
horizontal experience – In touch with people on earth.”

most of us pray to god only for our blessings,people only wanted a vertical experience with god without a horizontal touch in the lives of others,they want a god to do something for them while they did nothing for others,they wanted heaven to visit them while there was no touch on earth to improve the lives of others. This is the great truth that you and i need to know whenever you go up to bring heaven down, heaven wants to see how you went out to deliver help to others over and over again.

In the scriptures god connects the vertical with the horizontal that is why Jesus said by this shall all men know that you are my disciples not that you praise and you pray and go to church but that you love one another there is an impact beyond yourself. You and i get God’s attention when we give to others what we ourselves are asking from God. Similarly to Isaiah 58 Verse 7 another verse in bible says.

Luke:6:38 says “give and that is the thing you give will be given back to you

  • God wants to see whether you are a conduit for the very blessing you are requested.
  • If you want to get God’s attention, tell him what you are going to do for somebody else when you get what you asked for.
  • surely you will get his undivided attention.

Isaiah 58 Verse 7 Worship All DaysThis is the fast God chooses,this is the thing that will make him role in your life and in your spiritual experience. What will god do when he sees that you have attached the vertical to the horizontal and vice versa, where you touched heaven while wanting to benefit earth.

listen to what god says he says “when your light will break out like the dome and your recovery speedily will spring, for your righteousness will go before you and the glory of the lord will be your real guide then you will call and the lord will answer, will cry and he will say here i am, if you remove the yoke from your midst the pointing of the finger and speaking wickedness and if you give yourself to the hungry and satisfy the desire deflected then your light will shine in the darkness and your gloom will become mid-day and the lord will continually guide you and satisfy your desire in scorched places and give strength to your bones and you will be like a watered garden and like a spring of water whose water does not fail”.

If he sees you calling on him while reaching out to bless somebody else,he is going to join you in what you are requesting from him.
we are living in a day when everybody wants to be blessed, but those same people say i want to be blessed with this and that.
In fact we should ask god that

  • I want to be a blessing for the blessing that i am requested…
  • I want to be a benefit to and not just a beneficiary…
  • I want to be a helper and not only one who is helped…

when that kind of calling on god takes place with fasting and prayer, that kind of sacred gathering occurs,then heaven will give its undivided attention over and over again. God says “when you reach out to others i will reach out to you”.

If you need something supernatural from heaven in history, if you need God to breakthrough and bring light to your good, joy to your despair, peace to your purposelessness, then watch, God will give you the very same thing that you have been requesting. He is waiting to hear from you, he is waiting to see you give up the physical for the spiritual and then he is waiting to see how he answers your prayer that is going to touch somebody else’s life. Then your life will be blessed by God abundantly.

#Isaiah 58 Verse 7
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#Isaiah 58 Verse 7
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Isaiah 58 Verse 7 | True Fasting That God Wants From Us

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