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1.Fill Thou my life, O Lord my God
In every part with praise,
That my whole being may pro claim
Thy being and Thy ways.

2.Not for the lip of praise alone,
Nor e’en the praising heart,
I ask, but for a life made up
Of praise in every part.

3.Praise in the common things of life,
Its goings out and in;
Praise in each duty and each deed,
However small and mean.

4.Fill every part of me with praise:
Let all my being speak
Of Thee and of Thy love, O Lord,
Poor though I be and weak.

5.So shalt Thou, Lord, from me, e’en me,
Receive the glory due;
And so shall I begin on earth
The song for ever new.

6.So shall each fear, each fret, each care,
Be turned into a song;
And ev’ry winding of the way
The echo shall prolong.

7.So shall no part of day or night
From sacredness be free;
But all my life, in every step.
Be fellowship with Thee.

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